Avisador de radares forAndroid

Let no radar catch you by surprise


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Avisador de Radares (Radar alert) is a useful app that as its name indicates, alerts its users to the presence of any highway radar located in Spanish Territory.

The app, in theory, comes with a database in which all fixed, camouflaged, tunnel, and mobile radars, as well as traffic-light cameras, in Spain are included. You can see all of these radars in real time on the app's screen, together with the distance you are from them and the speed limit for each one.

All of the updates in the radar database are completely free, so once you download the app, you won’t have to dish out the cash in order to update the database.

Avisador de Radares (Radar alert) is a very useful tool for any driver who uses highways, as it’ll probably end up saving them more than a fine or two in the long run, just for having the app installed on their phone.
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